Richard's Goods Trinkets Logging and Prawns

Definitely run by Michelle and her husband(Who is always there) Richard, They do 90% of the work themselves. It looks like a six story victorianesque building, where the majority of the first floor is a cocktail lounge and fine goods auction house. The rest of the building consists of private meeting rooms and crafting halls.

Pays other people on the block for excess electricity, though they have a wind generators on the roof, Supervised by wizard Tom Ace  Rob Thunderbloom who ensures people are paid for their assistance.

The establishment caters mostly to people who have been around awhile, and there are numerous pamphlets around detailing different fine purchases and raw materials that are for sale. Not particular to Portshire, the goods come from all around, and are fancy enough to get you robbed blind though they may help you deal with Fog or Weather. Those in the know gain access to memberships and exclusive portals.

Generally does not accept the barter system.

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