A market in Reynold's District

Reynolds district is...   I don't want to say slummy, but think of kind of the edges of really, really huge cities in third world nations, where there's scattered evidence of modern life on a general backdrop of mediocrity.  It has very lax regulations on how people get in, and safety or trade or building regulations are generally kind of optional.  If you get in via a trustworthy method (a permanent gate of any kind, or from a known universe) the entrance procedure basically involves handing you a brand-new visa and being told to enjoy yourself.  The proprietor of PritchardsFoodDrinkLodgingsAndPawn pays the guards supervising known entrances to the district to point anyone that looks lost towards his establishment.

Speaking of which, Reynolds District's claim to fame is that it's one of the very few places that allows the Fogborn in.  Anyone who has run afoul of the Fog can take a one-week quarantine period in the carefully maintained bunker at the district gates, and those who do not display any particularly harmful or antisocial traits are allowed into the district with a clear "FOG" stamp on their visa.   Neighboring districts do not share this openminded policy, and are intensely scrutinous of all Reynolds-issued visas.  Up to a quarter of Reynolds merchants will ask to see your visa before accepting any payment or item from you.

Weather and Resources[edit | edit source]

Erratic.  A baseline of low technology and low magic, with a few stable pockets of extremely high levels of either one.  Occasional migratory zones of mildly-unpredictable physics are not unknown.  Areas of modern technology are not uncommon, but there's no shared electrical grid.  Wifi coverage is generally only available at Mcdonalds and Starbucks.  There's a few really nice produce markets, from backwater parts of the Mesh that don't mind having a gate that leads here.

Visas[edit | edit source]


Reynolds District guards regularly carry blank visas with them, so they can quickly process new arrivals and send them on their way.  Reynolds visas aren't always filled out as completely as visas issued in other districts, and may have certain fields filled with "UNKNOWN," depending on how thorough the guards have been. 

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