NAME: James Tigerlily Pritchard.  Complains about hippie parents, sometimes.

GENERAL APPEARANCE:  Human, American, White, Male, in his 40's, Lanky, Ginger, big thick birth control glasses, hair is an awkward orange mop, brown eyes.  Fond of flannel, blazers, and sweaters.

SKILLS / LOOSE HISTORY: Apparently he used to be an electrician, and knows a lot about CRT televisions.  He's a bit of a ham radio buff too, except that no one seems to know what those are anymore and they aren't very reliable in this District.  He was a Pilot in a war of some kind that he doesn't talk about very much, and apparently landing a plane is "rather challenging in some dimensions".  He spent around ten to fifteen years dimension-hopping before settling down in Cross, and thinks his greatest skills these days are a certain amount of business savvy, and being a font of information for those in need.  He views himself as a humanitarian, and likes helping out lost souls that have just blundered into all this Cross nonsense.  He also likes making a profit off of helping people out with that, and collecting oddities.

POWERS:  Can see people who are invisible, ethereal, out of phase, dead, or etc, and frequently sees people's true forms even if they are not currently in them.  Occasionally perceives a person as having a "True Form" when they do not, or sees people that science and magic cannot currently detect.  Insists he has no unusual traits, tries not to comment on extraneous information, cannot actually tell when his sight is different from everyone else's.

No one has actually seen his wife, but he insists she is "around here somewhere".

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