Not a proper district, or at least a recognized district, the warrens are the result of olden misuse of technologies and magic. Originally just a fairly expansive cave system underneath a few

One of the entrances to the Warrens found in the Reynold's District.

other districts, the area that would become the Degradi Warrens was for the longest time just a curiosity, a place to explore or conduct illicit affairs. As people from different worlds came together and fused technologies, researched magic, and performed other tasks that had an effect on the environment, a site was needed to store some of the more colorful failures. Some areas were cordoned off as safe depositories for byproducts, or even testing sites for various new technologies... in other cases, less scrupulous members of Portshire simply vented things down into the warrens. As the caves became increasingly contaminated, they were put under general lockdown, pending environmental examination and solution.

At present, despite the lockdown there is a strong scientific interest in the long term effects of some of the contaminants down in the Warrens, and periodically exploratory teams will venture down to explore and document any noticable changes. These teams do not always come out. While most sane criminals will avoid the Warrens, there are rumors of meeting halls, and even something akin to a club for the truly hardcore, hidden somewhere in the cave system.

There are no registered inhabitants, so there is no currently known income for this district.

Weather: Chaotic, can change rapidly as you move about in the warrens. There have been some attempts by scientists to chart the shifts, which have been semi successful, but sudden shifts and surprises are not uncommon. Of note, certain pockets of particularly disagreeable reality occasionally form almost a miasma. The effects of every miasma are different, but the results are almost universally unpleasant.

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